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BOLT is a robot thought and designed in England by “Mark Roberts Motion Control” company. A leader worldwide in the area followed by some of the best recommendations from productions carried out in different countries in the last 30 years, all ensuring a full and unconditional backup. Pioneer in Hollywood and Oscar winner for its technology and innovation, “Mark Roberts Motion Control” has been involved in many important movies such as “Iron Man”, “James Bond”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Maleficent” and “Avengers” among others.


As a result we have made our dream come true, BOLT STAGE MEXICO.


In “Revolution” and “Viramontes” it has always been our concern to provide the highest technology and have it delivered to our clients.

BOLT was built within our specifications and it is capable of moving to a speed of 23.6 feet per second ( 7.2 meters per second )  in the 6 axis of its arm, being 25% faster and more precise than any other robot of its kind.

This ultimately provides the capability of filming more spectacular and complex shots which were not possible before, or at least not within Mexico.


Now we leave it to directors, photographers, artists, and advertising agencies, to widen their imagination and creativity, this way Mexico will have the chance to stand out and be worldwide at the forefront of advertising.

Our job is not carried out with magic, but it is our job to create magic.


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